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We believe the built environment has a direct impact on the wellbeing of people and the quality of their lives. Our work results in architecture that inspires, lasts and allows people, business and communities to thrive.


Kaufman House
13th St. Corridor
Loveland Residence
The Mastercraft
Parlour 1887

We seek to create timeless architecture that is authentic and durable. Structures that are artfully predicated on function and quality will surely outlive those that were based on a now -expired fashion trend. Working hard to revive older delightful places keeps our attitude informed about these things.

Work in progress

Douglas House
Twin House
Westside Ranch
Start Up Station

A Collaborative Process

Although each project represents a unique journey, the work we do falls into three chronological steps. Each one is presented with a question that is best answered through a series of interactive meetings that eventually lead to one final design solution.



What is the vision for your new project? Gaining an understanding of your goals, priorities and aspirations is the first step. Through many conversations we will discover what opportunities and limitations frame the design of your project. The testing of ideas through sketches that study solutions will validate what is possible.



How will your vision materialize? The dialogue continues into greater detail to decide what materials will characterize the design of your project. The positioning, selection, shaping and detailing of building materials have a direct effect on the function, form and durability of a design solution. We spend time to illustrate your project with drawings, images and models so that you can understand its architecture.



How will your project be defined? Not only are the illustrations important to you, they become tools for others involved in the project. In order for it to be priced and built, contractors and code officials need to understand and approve very specific parameters of the project. Our work is to document the design by creating descriptive construction drawings and specifications used to build it. Without this, the vision of your project can only remain a dream.

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For more information about PEN Architect and our services, please email Paul Nelson at paul@penarchitect.com. Please let us know more about your project and what things you like about our work.

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